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Classic Cut Rubble

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

There are many vinyl siding companies in Kansas City; therefore when you choose Continental to install your vinyl siding, we’ll make sure that you will love how your home looks!

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Shake Polymer Siding

Polymer Siding

The very latest, most impact resistant, ultimate exterior home renovation wanted today! Lifetime warranty eliminates claims to your insurance carrier for hail damage…it’s that strong! Combine the strength of Polymer with our Perma-Strate Wall System and you can’t go wrong!

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Continental Siding - Midwest's Largest Wholesale Siding Distributor

Why Choose Us

The founders of the company are the same people who own and operate the company. All patents are held by the stockholders of Continental Siding Supply, Inc. They have direct concern and responsibility for quality of products and services.

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Welcome to Continental Siding Supply

Jerry O'Neil Siding

Everyone loves Continental's Polymer Smart Siding, which is in no way affiliated with other companies trying to name their products a similar name. Continental Siding meets and exceeds your expectations, and that's our promise.

Since 1982, the key to Continental Siding Supply's company success is one of the basic fundamentals: sell a quality product and have unsurpassed customer service. Seamless Vinyl Siding of course is our specialty; however, we offer just about anything you need for the exterior home renovation project you are imagining, from vinyl siding to energy efficient windows and from decks to glass-enclosed rooms. At Continental our goal is to give you the best experience possible without the hassles of dealing with multiple contractors for your various home improvement projects. We will work with you to provide the best service and want you to be one of our satisfied customers.

Continental Siding Supply offers services in Kansas and Missouri with showrooms in Independence and Columbia, Missouri as well as Olathe, and Wichita, Kansas to better serve you. Of course we may not be right next door to you, but we have knowledgeable, professional representatives throughout each state to help and answer your questions right in your home.

AS SEEN ON TV - Continental Siding offers a wide variety of products including Seamless Vinyl and Seamless Polymer Siding in Missouri and Kansas. WE ARE NOT JUST A TRADITIONAL SIDING CONTRACTOR! We offer a variety of sidings including Log Cabin, Rock, Brick, Shake, Shingle and more.

As you can clearly see Smart Siding offers windows, gutters, gutter shelter, roofing and glass-enclosed rooms. DID YOU KNOW, we also offer decks, railing, garage doors, entry doors, carports, shutters, stone and brick veneer and awnings! All products are on display in our showroom.

seamless vinyl siding