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Shingle Siding – Crafted from Narrow Sawn Cedar

  • 7″ exposureShingle House
  • Available in over 20 colors
  • Matching J-channel and  corners available.
  • Authentic
    • Patterned from real cedar shingles and shakes.
    • Over 100 unique molds with realistic wood graining and detail.
    • Less than 3 repeats in a 1 square box so there is no visible repeat pattern on the wall.
    • Lap system means seamless appearance on the home
  • Scrap Reduction
    • Single course means less scrap on every job.
    • Left-to-Right installation means remaining pieces can be used to start the next course.
  • Performance
    • Strong limited lifetime warranty.
    • Acrylic cap maximizes color stability
    • Installed in all climates and all seasons.
  • Safety
    • Received the ASTM’s Certificate of Conformance.
    • Awarded the ASTM E84, Class 1 (a) fire rating, the highest possible standard.
    • Made of self-extinguishing PVC, which means the product won’t ignite when exposed to open flame.
  • Colors
    • Available in an ever-expanding line of new and traditional colors.
    • Top-layer acrylic cap adds strength and keeps colors truer longer.
    • Colors designed to match other manufactures’ siding products for perfect combinations, even with existing siding.




The Weathered Collection gives a home the authentic appearance of cedar siding that has weathered over time. Panels feature a darker hue of a color in the grain, and a lighter one on the higher points, just as a panel would naturally weather. The proprietary finish offers unmatched color depth and character.

7″ Shingle Colors

800 801  802  803
800 801 802 803
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Rock/Stone Siding Log Cabin Siding Shake Siding Seamless Siding Staggered Siding