We Provide Beautiful and Durable Bay Windows to Homeowners in Independence, MO

Bay Windows Independence MO

Bay windows can add a touch of elegance to any room and, when installed correctly, can even appear to add square footage to your living space. Because the windows that flank the central panel sit at an angle, they provide expansive views despite utilizing limited wall space. This configuration also creates a “bay” of space on the inside which can accommodate a shelf or serve as a reading nook.  If you would like to integrate bay windows into your home’s architectural profile, contact Continental Siding Supply. We’ve served homeowners like you in Independence, MO, since 1982, providing reliable windows that enhance a home’s aesthetics.

Features Designed for Elegance and Endurance

While bay windows can boost your home’s aesthetic profile, we understand that they must also protect your interiors from the elements. After all, the beauty of a poorly constructed window will quickly fade, and such windows often serve as entry points for drafts. This is why we take pains to install top-of-the-line bay windows that are designed both for elegance and endurance. These windows include features like:

  • Visually Stimulating Glass — Our bay windows utilize glass that can be tinted to prevent UV light infiltration and unwanted thermal transfer. This prevents unsightly fading on your walls and carpets while contributing to comfortable interior temperatures year-round. You can also customize this glass to include various artistic features, including hand-stained patterns.
  • Durable Polymer Construction — While we install windows constructed from a number of materials, we’re particularly proud of our polymer windows. The material used in their construction requires no maintenance and won’t warp or rot, preserving your windows’ beautiful profile and protecting the inside of your home for years to come.
  • Dynamic Finishing Options — We offer a wide variety of finishes for our bay windows, from standard whites, beiges, and blacks to more visually stimulating blues, greens, and reds. If you love the look of wood windows for your home’s interiors, you can choose to finish your windows so that they simulate wood grain.

Whichever features you choose, you can rest assured that Continental Siding Supply will install your bay windows carefully and correctly, so as to ensure they function optimally. That’s because we utilize in-house installers, protecting you from the unpredictable skillset possessed by subcontractors. Our top-tier customer service allows us to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has earned us several service-based awards.

Are you ready for durable bay windows that enhance the profile of your Independence, MO, home? At Continental Siding Supply, we offer free consultations and estimates to make your window replacement as easy as possible. CALL NOW!