There’s No Contest as to What’s the Best Home Siding for Wichita, KS, Area Residents – It’s Continental Siding Supply’s Seamless Polymer Siding

Best Home Siding Wichita KS Continental Siding Supply manufacturers the best home siding available for homeowners in and around Wichita, Kansas. This exceptional siding is our seamless polymer siding, which we meticulously craft following the high standards established by our founder Jerry O’Neal. We also manufacture our own siding because it allows us to offer it at a better value. While other companies have to cover shipping and warehousing costs for an inferior product, Continental Siding Supply can avoid those costs altogether and offer one-of-a-kind entirely seamless siding at a phenomenal price.

Since we offer the best home siding in the Wichita, KS, area, homeowners can also look forward to some of the best benefits available from any siding product, including:

  • Better home energy efficiency – Our siding makes a more stable and comfortable inside temperature a reality thanks to its insulation. Temperature stability also reduces strain on HVAC systems, which can lower homeowners’ monthly utility costs.
  • Resistance against mold and mildew growth – A permeable wall system backs all our polymer siding, allowing our siding to “breathe” and trapped moisture to escape. This improved air circulation will help prevent the harmful growth of mold and mildew behind the siding.
  • Protection against hail damage – Our home siding is among the best for hail damage resistance and will be able to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it.
  • Easy maintenance – Any polymer siding ordered by our customers will have fade-resistant colors that will look just-like new day after day and won’t need to be scraped and repainted.

We’re also the only company that can properly install it. Using the Perma-Strate Wall System® installation method, our highly-trained and experienced technicians install our polymer siding with absolutely no seams for a flawless appearance all around.

If you would like to find out for yourself why our seamless polymer siding is the best home siding available for your residence, CALL NOW. At the Wichita, KS, Continental Siding Supply showroom, our associates will be happy to show you our polymer siding and provide in-depth information regarding its features and benefits.