Ultimate Backyard Makeover Contest

Official Rules for Ultimate Backyard Makeover contest Contest is sponsored by Continental Siding and Johnson Farms. Promotion Event dates are March 20, 2017 to April 29, 2017. 2. To qualify to participate in the Ultimate Backyard Makeover Contest; Those wanting to participate in the contest have two ways of registering to win: Register to win on-site at Continental Siding at 13714 E 42nd Terrace S, Independence, MO or Johnson Farms Plants & Pumpkins at 17701 Holmes Rd, Belton, MO during the promotional dates by the following method: Filling out a registration slip at one of the locations above and placing it in the registration box for random draw Registration at the locations will take place between March 20, 2017 and… read more

Kansas City Live Interview With Continental Siding Founder Jerry O’Neal

In This Episode No matter what time of year in the greater Kansas City area, home siding can affect your heating and cooling bills. Jerry O'Neal of Continental Siding Supply details the best maintenance-free and energy efficient siding to save your family big bucks. Covered In This Episode What is polymer siding? What is the permastrate installation system? What makes Continental Siding so unique? Where is the only place people can go to get Seamless Polymer Siding? About Kansas City Live Kansas City Live is a local show that highlights the businesses, people, and local attractions that make KC such a great place to live. In this episode Michelle Davidson interviews Jerry O'Neal, Continental Siding Founder, about what makes Continental… read more

Enjoy the season on a Maintenance-free Deck

After weeks of pouring rain, Mother Nature and the calendar finally agree that summer is truly here. That means it’s time to spend evenings and weekends with family and neighbors enjoying a barbecue or watching the fireflies dance under the evening stars. In the best-case scenario, these activities would take place from the deck of your home. A Return on Investment The pleasure of a deck is not only about extending your living space, it also can be a good investment for your home with a return of up to 80 percent. But that enjoyment and return on your investment are largely dependent on whether or not the deck is in good condition. Many people love the idea of building… read more

How are your Gutters Handling the Rain?

When it comes to the rain, most people like it or loathe it. For those who like to see the plants grow green and lush, there’s definitely a benefit to the buckets of raining coming down, but excessive amounts do create gloomy days when it’s difficult to get motivated. Times such as the recent rainy patch experienced over the three-day Memorial Day weekend and beyond also highlight something else about the rain, the importance of well-maintained gutters. This includes the proper maintenance and installation of seamless gutters, regular gutter cleaning, and the diversion of the water far away from the foundation of the home. Benefits of the Right Guttering When maintained and working properly, gutters move water away from the… read more

Awnings Provide Functionality and Curb Appeal

You know what they say, everything old is new again. After years of living as if resources were unlimited, many homeowners are now looking for ways to conserve and preserve. In order to do this, a number of people are looking to the past for inspiration. Today the applications of rain barrels, recycling and smaller homes are considered to be well-established methods of saving and conservation. Each was considered commonplace before temporarily falling out of fashion before being resurrected again. Often the revival of such ideas and concepts comes as a result of realizing a change wasn’t as successful as previously thought. As a result, there’s a desire to look to the past for ideas that worked before. First Uses… read more

Enhance your Home with a Glass-Enclosed Room Addition

With the weather growing nicer, it’s time to start thinking about moving entertaining activities outdoors. After a long bout of cold weather, thoughts quickly turn to barbecues, family get-togethers and random reasons to enjoy the sun. All of this seems entirely reasonable until you remember the things about the spring and summer season that make outdoor activities a bit more challenging. This is particularly true in the Midwest where the seasons quickly move from one extreme to the other. As a result, warm spring evenings that could be spent enjoying a meal or friendly conversation on the patio or deck are inconvenienced by the pollen blowing from the blooming trees, evening thunderstorms or a brisk wind that scatters paper plates… read more

Adding Strength and Beauty with Accent Posts and Columns

The distinctive touch of spring in the air has been a perfect catalyst to start thinking about home renovations and additions. While it may be tempting to start thinking about the seeds and plantings for the yard and garden, this time of year, especially in the Midwest, it’s helpful to start with renovations that are durable and long-lasting in any weather conditions. Here at Continental Siding we offer a beautiful line of Old South reproduction columns, railings, gates and fences from Moultrie Manufacturing. Made of durable fiberglass or aluminum, the accent pieces are a great way to add a distinctive and virtually maintenance-free addition to your home or business. Columns, Capitals and Bases If you’re looking for grandeur and scale,… read more

Add Curb Appeal with Beautiful New Vinyl Garage Doors

In the winter, the exterior of our homes tends to lose a bit of the curb appeal that it proudly wears the rest of the year. Once the holiday lights come down, we’re left with only the physical structure of the home and the bare trees and crunchy leaves covering the lawn do little to elevate the look. Once the domain of landscaping, outdoor lighting and exterior paint, garage doors are now included as one of the ways to elevate the exterior appeal of a home. This can be seen on blogs and through the pins and shares on social media sites where users share and covet the appeal of a beautiful set of garage doors for the exterior of… read more

Increase Energy Efficiency with a Storm Door

Although the weather has been up and down like a yo-yo the last couple of weeks, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve already figured out where the drafty spots in your home are. Once you’ve identified those potential cold areas, you can create a plan to start making your home more energy efficient. For a number of homeowners, the front door is a major source of energy loss. One easy and attractive solution to this is the addition of an energy-efficient storm door. In additional to enhancing the curb appeal and entry way of your home, a storm door can also keep energy bills lower when it comes to extreme hot or cold weather. This is particularly true when… read more

Reasons Why it’s the Perfect Time to Replace Windows

Replacing the windows on your home can be a major investment but it is an improvement that will benefit your home in a number of ways for many years to come. The windows of your home not only contribute to the exterior look of the house but they also have the ability to improve a number of important considerations inside the home as well such as benefits in the form of reduced energy costs, less noise transmission and ease of maintenance both inside and out. If your home is more than 15 years old, it could be time to talk to the window experts at Continental Siding. Signs that it’s Time to Consider Replacement Windows Misty Condensation on Windows If… read more