Can New Siding Help with Energy Costs?

Jan 10, 2019

As a homeowner in the Midwest, you know temperatures can be unseasonably hot or cold. When it’s hot, it’s HOT, and when it’s cold, it’s COLD. And poorly insulated walls and leaky old windows can make those energy bills higher than they need to be. So have you thought about trying to lower your monthly energy costs year round? Many people wonder, can new siding help with energy costs?

Can New Siding Help with Energy Costs?

Yes, some sidings can help with energy costs. Not all sidings are created equal, so it’s important to learn about the options available to pick the best siding for your needs. For any homeowner who wants to reduce monthly energy costs, it’s important to consider siding options that reduce or completely eliminate seams or gaps between siding panels and gaps between the siding and the openings of your home like windows and downs. It’s also important to consider what, if any, kind of insulation is available with that siding. The siding itself, the insulation options, and the detailed work are all important to understand when choosing a siding that can reduce your energy costs.  

Siding with or without Insulation Affects Energy Efficiency:

  1. Install siding with no insulation, which doesn’t help with energy costs.
  2. Install siding with flat insulation, and that will help some.
  3. Install form-fitting insulation, which is the most effective way to lower energy costs. At Continental Siding, we offer all of these options, but most people choose form-fitting insulation because it is the thickest and forms to the same profile of the siding you choose. It’s a perfect fit!

What is the best type of siding to help with energy costs?

You’ve heard of several different options for installing siding on your home, but you want to know the difference among the options so you can make the best informed choice. Here is a short description of how different types of siding affect energy efficiency:

  • Wood siding and fiber cement siding are cut in short pieces and butt-joint together. They rely on caulk sealing the two pieces together, so the energy efficiency is only as long-lasting as caulk, which always fails at some point. Also, there is no insulation installed behind these sidings. Additionally, properly sealing against the openings of your home is nearly impossible and will create future maintenance.
  • Short vinyl siding has overlaps called seams where two pieces of siding overlap each other. The overlap allows cold or hot air to penetrate the wall. It’s like wearing a jacket but not zipping it.
  • Steel and aluminum siding are both conductors of energy, so they are both hot to the touch in summer and cold to the touch in winter. Whatever the weather is, it just transfers right through the aluminum or steel siding.
  • Seamless polymer siding runs from one corner of your home all the way to the other in one piece, which eliminates the entry points that wood, fiber cement, and short vinyl siding have. The polymer material expands and contracts less and doesn’t conduct energy as much, so whatever is outside stays outside. Also, at Continental Siding, we use a form-fitting insulation, which is thicker than most. It takes the same shape as the siding, so it increases energy efficiency and impact resistance. In addition to the insulation and siding choices, detailed work is important to a homeowner’s energy efficiency too. More information about our detailed work is explained below.

What is a “Wall System” and How Does It Help with Energy Costs?

A wall system includes the type of siding and insulation engineered to work together. When choosing a siding, it’s important to choose a wall system so you know all the pieces are actually working to compliment the other pieces. The seamless polymer wall system by Continental is the most thoughtfully engineered wall system available.  

When it comes to installing a wall system, three things make maximum impact on energy costs:

  1. The type of insulation. At Continental Siding, we use a form-fitting insulation, which is thicker than most. It takes the same shape as the siding, so it increases energy efficiency and impact resistance. Form-fitting insulation is the best, and that’s why most people choose it.
  2. The type of siding. Our top choice is seamless polymer siding. Polymer siding doesn’t conduct energy like aluminum or steel siding. Seamless siding means the siding goes from one corner of your home all the way to the other all in one piece. It leaves no opportunity for outside elements to get in.
  3. Detailed work. Our trained professionals perform detailed work on every siding job.  Check out the thoughtful engineering that makes our product installation one of a kind:
    1. Rodent cap, which is custom bent aluminum that covers the gap from the bottom of your siding and your foundation. This stops the cold/hot air from going behind the siding.
    2. Custom wrap the trim around the windows, so the window flashing underlaps the siding to eliminate the gap between the window trim and the siding.
    3. Custom cap the window and door trim, so it can be sealed directly to the window eliminating the gap between the window trim and the actual window. Other companies cap the window trim, but they don’t wrap under the siding or seal to the window, so it doesn’t help with energy efficiency as much as it could.   

Siding + Insulation + Detailed Work = Energy Efficient Siding Wall System

How long does the siding last?

Continental provides a fifty-year warranty for seamless polymer siding and polymer windows. This means nearly a lifetime of energy savings. Our family-owned company has been thriving since 1982, and there is no experimenting at this point, just proven results and happy customers.

What You Need to Know

Seamless polymer siding with form-fitting insulation is the best choice for any homeowner wanting to save on energy costs for a lifetime. Continental Siding is the ONLY company who manufactures, sells, and installs seamless polymer siding, also known as the seamless polymer wall system.


This article was brought to you by Continental Siding in Kansas City, your Midwest vinyl and polymer siding company. We’re a leading provider of home improvement products and services that aim to keep homes looking great and performing well.


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