Clapboard Siding – A Classic Option for Your Wichita, KS, Home

Clapboard Siding Wichita, KS Clapboard siding has been one of the most popular types of house siding for generations. This traditional option never goes out of style and will keep your home looking beautiful for years to come. If you live in the Wichita, Kansas, area, Continental Siding Supply is the company to turn to for clapboard house siding. We stand out from other siding contractors because:

We Manufacture Our Own Siding

Most siding companies purchase their products from a distributor that has acquired it from a manufacturer. This creates a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong, as the company selling the siding doesn’t have any control over quality during the manufacturing or shipping processes. The siding company will also have to charge higher prices, as the siding is marked up every time it changes hands.

Continental Siding Supply is different. We manufacture our own polymer house siding right here in the United States. We control the entire process, ensuring every piece of our clapboard siding meets our high standards. And, because we cut out the middleman, we’re able to save money and then pass those savings on to you.

We Never Hire Subcontractors

When it comes time to have your new clapboard siding installed, you can feel confident trusting the project to Continental Siding Supply. Our technicians are all factory-certified and have been carefully trained to use our patented installation method, the Perma-Strate Wall System®. Designed by our company owner, Jerry O’Neal, this system allows us to install siding that is 100 percent seamless and prevents problems such as wavy walls, water intrusion, and mold growth.

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