Polymer, Vinyl, Composite & More: Which Siding Option Is the Best Choice for Your Springfield, MO, Home?

Composite Siding Springfield, MO If you’ve been doing research in preparation for a siding replacement, you’ve likely noticed that there are many different types of siding on the market. Because there is such a large selection, from wood and vinyl to polymer and composite siding, choosing the best option for your Springfield, Missouri, home can be difficult. Continental Siding Supply can help you learn more about your options so that you can make an informed decision. We can install any type of siding, though we find that the majority of our customers prefer our polymer siding over composite and other options.

About Our Polymer Siding

Unlike other siding companies in the area, we manufacture our own polymer house siding right here in Missouri. Because of this, we have full quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. And, because we cut out the middleman, we’re able to offer a much lower price for a far superior product.

Additionally, our polymer siding is installed using our patented Perma-Strate Wall System®. Thanks to our innovative installation method and our high standards for manufacturing, your new siding will be:

  • Energy-efficient, which may lead to a decrease in your energy costs
  • Seamless, which will allow for a smooth appearance and prevent water and insects from getting into the siding
  • Durable and able to resist fading, warping, and hail damage

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It’s clear why our polymer siding is a better choice than composite, metal, and other siding options. To learn more, or to schedule a free consultation, contact Continental Siding Supply or visit our showroom. We proudly serve homeowners in Springfield, MO, and offer financing to all of our customers. CALL NOW to get started.