Is Exterior Metal Siding the Best Choice for Your Home?

Polymer Siding Kansas CityIf you’re thinking about having metal siding installed on your Kansas City home, you may want to reconsider. Because metal is generally considered to be a durable material, it’s often assumed that exterior metal siding will stand strong and protect your home for a long time. However, this isn’t entirely true. While metal is a long-lasting material, it’s susceptible to weathering and will rust when exposed to rain, snow, and ice. It also dents easily and is likely to be damaged by hail and windblown debris during storms. Plus, steel and aluminum – two of the most common types of exterior metal siding – don’t hold paint well, so you’ll be limited to the material’s natural color should you choose metal for your home’s siding replacement.

A Better Option: Polymer Siding

Continental Siding Supply offers an alternative option that outperforms exterior metal siding. Our seamless polymer siding will never rust, corrode, dent, crack, warp, or buckle. What’s more, it is:

  • Completely seamless, which prevents insect intrusion and water damage
  • Securely attached using our patented installation method, ensuring it never blows off in a wind storm
  • Available in a wide selection of fade-resistant colors
  • Backed by a lifetime hail damage warranty

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To learn more about the benefits of choosing our seamless polymer siding over exterior metal siding, contact Continental Siding Supply today to schedule a free consultation. Or, visit one of our beautiful showrooms to see all our products on display. We’ve been serving homeowners throughout the Kansas City area since 1982 and look forward to putting our experience to work for you. CALL NOW!