Top Exterior Siding Installers in the Columbia, MO, Area Can Be Found at Continental Siding Supply

Exterior Siding Installers Columbia MO For exterior siding installers that you count on, look to Continental Siding Supply. We have completed many siding projects in Columbia, MO, and in nearby cities, and we have a long list of satisfied customers because our installers handle each project with skill and precision. They’re able to accomplish this because they’re factory-trained and complete siding installations full-time all year long, which means they’re ready to complete the siding project for your home.

At Continental Siding Supply, we offer a wide range of siding products to homeowners in the Columbia, MO, area, and our exterior siding installers can install them all. The types of siding that we can install include:

  • Polymer
  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Cedar
  • And more

Of all the siding products that we offer, our polymer siding offers the best benefits, including increased energy efficiency, significant resistance to hail damage and other windswept debris, and little to no maintenance as the siding has fade-resistant colors. To ensure that our polymer siding provides such fantastic benefits, we manufacture it ourselves so that we have total control over its quality. And, our installers are the only professionals in the area who can install our polymer siding properly because its installation requires the Perma-Strate Wall System®. This patented installation system created by Continental Siding Supply’s founder Jerry O’Neal allows our siding professionals to install our polymer siding with no seams for a smooth aesthetic. What’s more, this proprietary method will prevent “sick home syndrome,” which is the unsafe growth of mold and mildew due to poor installation methods.

If you would like to hire Continental Siding Supply’s exterior siding installers for the siding project in or around Columbia, MO, CALL NOW. When you do, be sure to ask about the financing options that we have available for all homeowners who need them.