For Top-of-the-Line Home Siding, Homeowners in Wichita, KS, Trust One Company – Continental Siding Supply

Home Siding Wichita KS The home siding products available at Continental Siding Supply can transform your home in Wichita, Kansas. All of the siding products we carry have exceptional features, especially our polymer siding. We manufacture this siding ourselves and have complete control over the manufacturing process to make sure it provides countless benefits for all homeowners.

The benefits that you will enjoy with Continental Siding Supply’s polymer home siding include:

  • A smoother home aesthetic – We’re the only company in the area that offers seamless polymer siding. No seams means that the sides of your Wichita, KS, residence will be even all around.
  • Better energy efficiency – Thermal-resistant insulation backs all our polymer siding so that you can enjoy a more stable inside temperature. You may also have lower monthly utility bills because you’ll have a reduced need to run your HVAC system to keep you home comfortable.
  • Impact resistance – Our polymer home siding can resist the damage that hailstones and wayward objects usually cause to siding.
  • Little to no maintenance – We manufacture our polymer siding with fade-resistant colors, so you won’t have to worry about scraping and re-painting your siding.
  • Mold and mildew protection – Mold and mildew growth behind siding can occur and poses serious health hazards. Our polymer siding can “breathe,” which prevents moisture from getting trapped behind the siding, preventing this harmful growth.

Since we manufacture our own polymer home siding, Continental Siding Supply is also the only company that can install it properly too. Our founder, Jerry O’Neal, created the Perma-Strate Wall System® so that our polymer siding could be installed with no seams. Nowhere else will you find installers who are trained to install our siding using this proprietary system.

For additional information about Continental Siding Supply’s polymer home siding and its benefits, CALL NOW. Be sure to ask about the financing options we offer to homeowners in Wichita, KS, and nearby communities.