How are your Gutters Handling the Rain?

Jun 25, 2015

When it comes to the rain, most people like it or loathe it. For those who like to see the plants grow green and lush, there’s definitely a benefit to the buckets of raining coming down, but excessive amounts do create gloomy days when it’s difficult to get motivated.

Times such as the recent rainy patch experienced over the three-day Memorial Day weekend and beyond also highlight something else about the rain, the importance of well-maintained gutters. This includes the proper maintenance and installation of seamless gutters, regular gutter cleaning, and the diversion of the water far away from the foundation of the home.

Benefits of the Right Guttering

When maintained and working properly, gutters move water away from the home. At first glance, water seems innocuous enough. In fact, water is an essential element in our lives and benefits many living things, but it can do significant damage to the elements of the home. For example, consider the power of moving water to carve away centuries of rock and dirt in places like the mountains or sites like the Grand Canyon. Invisible to the human eye, water can wear down things in its path, leaving little behind.

In the case of a home, falling and running water removes the soil around your foundation and landscaping, leaving the structures vulnerable and unprotected. Water also causes expansion in wood when saturated. If the material cannot dry out, the moisture can leave standing water stains on siding, doors, brick, masonry, sidewalks, driveways and doors.

Maintain, so it Works when you need it

The mere act of having seamless guttering on your home is not enough. It’s important to also maintain the gutters so they are open and free to accommodate the flow of water whether it’s slow and gentle or driving and hard. Water that reaches the gutters of your home, looks for a clear path to flow through. Water that becomes blocked by leaves, organic debris and dirt can create damming within the structure.

Even if your home is free from trees, small animals will use the gutter for storage and granules washed from asphalt shingles also end up accumulating in the gutter. Over time, this build-up of water and debris creates extra weight within the gutter, not to mention a soon-to-be stinking mass of fermenting organic matter once the sun begins to shine again. If left too long, these elements can soon create unrepairable damage within the guttering.

Tips for Keeping Gutters Functional and Flowing

  • Consider the proximity of trees to the roof line. Anything within 10 feet of the home should be cleaned at least twice a year.
  • Ensure the proper installation of seamless guttering on every sloped roof edge of the home.
  • Check gutters for standing water and leaks each cleaning of the gutter.
  • Route water from downspouts away from the foundation of the home. Use diversion piping to send water a minimum of three feet from the foundation.

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