A contoured foam system precisely configured to fit the profile of any siding panel. It completely eliminates the problems associated with the void behind conventional hollow siding.

Independent research confirms that improved insulation and energy savings are a top priority with consumers these days. The most commonly used underlayments are only 1/4″ thick, don’t conform to the shape of the siding, and provide and “R” value of about 1. Quad R provides “R” values up to 2.41 depending on the product and profile of the siding itself. Homeowners report a 20% reduction in energy costs and a more comfortable living environment.

  • Outstanding Insulating properties can reduce energy bills by as much as 20%.
  • Fills out the profile of any siding, giving it the look and feel or premium wood.
  • Helps siding maintain its original shape through everyday mishaps – and extremes of weather – adding years to its life
  • Discourages the development of mold within the wall system because it provides a breathable blanket of insulation and will not trap harmful water vapor in the wall.
  • Offers superior noise reduction and eliminates rattling.
  • Treated with a fire retardant and will not support combustion.
  • Green building material. It is manufactured from expanded polystyrene and can be recycled. It contains no ozone-depleting chemicals and substantially reduces heating and cooling requirements, saving valuable natural resources.
  • Qualifies for the Energy Tax Credit