Why Choose Polymer Over Marvin Fiberglass Siding?

Fiberglass Siding If you’re considering having Marvin fiberglass siding installed on your Kansas City-area home, you may want to reconsider. While fiberglass siding may seem like a good choice, there’s a better option out there: polymer siding from Continental Siding Supply. Our siding is the best choice for your home because it is:


Most types of house siding, including Marvin fiberglass siding, feature short panels that are installed one after another to cover a home, and gaps – called seams – are created in between the panels. These gaps leave your home vulnerable to water, dust, and insects, which can sneak inside the seams and damage your siding. Our polymer siding is different. We manufacture it in extra-long panels that are custom-made to fit your home’s dimensions. This eliminates the presence of seams and keeps your siding strong. Plus, the smooth, seamless appearance looks nicer than seamed siding and will help boost your home’s curb appeal in addition to improving performance.

Locally Manufactured

Another reason why our polymer siding is the best choice for Missouri and Kansas homeowners is that we manufacture it locally ourselves. This allows us to cut our costs and pass those savings onto you, making our polymer siding a more affordable option than Marvin fiberglass siding for many homeowners. And, because we are our own manufacturer, we’re able to oversee the creation of your siding from start to finish, ensuring it meets our high standards for quality.

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