Is Metal Exterior Siding a Good Option for Houses in Kansas City?

Metal Exterior Siding for Houses Kansas City Homeowners in the Kansas City area may want to consider options other than metal exterior siding for their houses. Though metal offers a modern appearance, it comes with many drawbacks that make it a poor choice for house siding. Not only does metal dent and rust easily, but it’s also difficult to paint. Because of this, houses with metal exterior siding begin to look worn and weathered soon after the siding is installed. And, homeowners are unable to achieve the exact look they want since metal cannot be easily painted.

Polymer Siding Is a Better Choice

If you’re interested in a more durable and customizable option, consider having polymer siding installed by Continental Siding Supply. We manufacture our own seamless polymer siding and install it using our patented installation method, The Perma-Strate Wall System®. Thanks to its superior makeup, our polymer siding performs and looks better on houses than metal exterior siding does. Our siding is designed to prevent weather-related damage and will never rust, corrode, warp, crack, or chip. Plus, it’s available in a wide range of fade-resistant colors, so you can achieve any aesthetic and your siding will look freshly painted for years into the future.

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We would be happy to tell you more about the advantages of choosing our seamless polymer wall system over metal exterior siding and why it’s the best choice for houses in the Kanas City area. Contact Continental Siding Supply today to schedule a free consultation. Remember to ask about the low affordable monthly payment plans we offer, which are available to all of our customers, even if a different siding company has turned you down. CALL NOW!