Continental Siding Supply Is the Best Company to Install New Siding on Your Kansas City, MO, Home

Install New Siding Kansas City, MOHave you been searching for a reputable company to install new siding on your home in Kansas City, Missouri? If so, turn to Continental Siding Supply. Unlike most siding contractors, we not only install house siding, we also manufacture it ourselves. This allows us to maintain complete quality control, as your new siding doesn’t have to travel through manufacturers and distributors before it reaches us. And, because we save on shipping and warehousing expenses, we’re able to offer lower prices.

The Seamless Polymer Wall System – Only From Continental Siding Supply

While we are happy to install new siding made from any material our customers ask for, our seamless polymer siding is by far our most popular option. This siding offers benefits that many other types of siding don’t. For example, our polymer siding is:

  • 100 percent seamless for a clean, polished appearance
  • Installed using our patented Perma-Strate Wall System®, which prevents warping and buckling
  • Highly durable and virtually eliminates impact damage, wind blow-off, and color fading

Plus, due to the complexities of our patented installation method, we train all of our contractors ourselves and use in-house technicians for every job we complete. This way, we can ensure your siding is being installed by true professionals and you can avoid working with subcontractors who may complete a haphazard job.

If you’d like to learn more about the seamless polymer siding we install, stop by one of our showrooms to meet with a consultant. If you can’t make it to a showroom, we can schedule a consultation right at your home in Kansas City, MO. Continental Siding Supply is ready to install your new siding – all you have to do is CALL NOW.