After weeks of pouring rain, Mother Nature and the calendar finally agree that summer is truly here. That means it’s time to spend evenings and weekends with family and neighbors enjoying a barbecue or watching the fireflies dance under the evening stars. In the best-case scenario, these activities would take place from the deck of your home.

A Return on Investment

The pleasure of a deck is not only about extending your living space, it also can be a good investment for your home with a return of up to 80 percent. But that enjoyment and return on your investment are largely dependent on whether or not the deck is in good condition. Many people love the idea of building a deck on their home or moving into a home with an existing deck, but what’s often overlooked is the necessary maintenance to keep a deck safe and in good condition for many years of use.

The Vulnerabilities of a Traditional Wood Deck

  1. Water – One of nature’s most prevalent elements (especially lately) can weaken the structure of a deck. Sealant protects the wood from the penetration of water but sealing must be done on a regular basis. If water doesn’t bead up on the surface, damage can occur in the form of rotting wood.
  2. Fading – Extreme temperature fluctuations and seasonal precipitation can create aging in the wood. To keep the material in top condition, it’s important to regularly remove the buildup of grime, treat with wood brightener and reseal, as needed.
  3. Wood Rot – Once the sealant on wood wears away, the wood is left vulnerable to any precipitation that falls and stands on the deck, handrails and stairs. Wood with any “give” or shrinkage should be replaced.
  4. Structural Weakness – Without a strong structure, a deck and anyone standing on it is left vulnerable. To assure the safety of a deck, regularly check joist hangers, post connections and ledger boards are safe and secure.

An Easier Deck Solution

If the above maintenance sounds like more than you want to deal with, there is an easier option to consider. Continental Siding offers decks made of UV stabilized, high-impact, rigid PVC. The virtually maintenance-free material is an easy solution for decks and docks that are regularly exposed to the elements. Available in white, beige or gray colors, the slip-resistant surface can make deck ownership more about enjoyment than continued maintenance.

Also known as synthetic or plastic decking, the PVC product comes in a one-piece interlocking extruded profile that’s perfect for new construction or remodeling. Produced from coated plastic, PVC decking requires no sealing, sanding or painting. Continental Siding also constructs decks from treated, cedar and composite throughout the Midwest.

To learn more which deck products might best your home, contact Continental Siding for a free estimate or see the products in person by visiting our showrooms in Independence and Columbia, Missouri, or Olathe and Wichita, Kansas.

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