Choose Continental Siding Supply if You Need to Replace House Siding on Your Wichita, KS, Area Residence

Replace House Siding Wichita KS Has the time come to replace the old house siding on your home in or around Wichita, Kansas? If so, turn to Continental Siding Supply, the area’s only provider of seamless polymer siding. Our polymer siding will drastically improve your home’s curb appeal because it has absolutely no seams and provides a blemish-free appearance. Your old siding also probably deteriorated more quickly than you would have liked. With our polymer siding, this won’t be an issue as it’s expertly engineered to remain strong and in excellent shape for many years.

When you replace the house siding of your Wichita, KS, area residence with Continental Siding Supply’s seamless polymer siding, the following will also become concerns of the past:

  • Scraping and repainting – Choosing our polymer siding means no more annual maintenance as the colors of our siding are fade-resistant and will remain just as vibrant as they were upon installation.
  • Mold and mildew growth – The permeable wall system behind our siding provides sufficient ventilation to help prevent the harmful growth of mold and mildew that often plagues other siding products.
  • Hail damage – The polymer of our siding is tough and provides excellent impact resistance against hailstones.
  • Inadequate insulation – Heat exchange through your siding can negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency. The insulation backing our siding will help keep heat transfer to a minimum, making your HVAC system’s job of maintaining a stable inside temperature easier. This may also lower your monthly utility bills.

What’s more, we’re the only company with installers trained in the Perma-Strate Wall System® installation method, which is needed to replace your house siding with our one-of-a-kind polymer product. Our experts specialize in siding installation year-round and have many years of experience, so you can count on them for a job well done.

If you would like Continental Siding Supply to replace your house siding, CALL NOW. You can schedule a consultation at our Wichita, KS, showroom, where one of our friendly associates will provide you with more information regarding our polymer siding, installation services, and excellent financing options.