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We have been installing seamless polymer siding in Kansas and Missouri since 1982. Your neighbor may be one of our 50,000 satisfied customers.

Seamless goes from one corner of your home to the other in one piece. No matter what the size of your home, we guarantee there will be no seams or gaps in your siding when you choose to install seamless polymer siding. Seamless polymer siding is the only product, based on energy savings and the elimination of paint, maintenance, and normal upkeep, that you are paying for whether you are buying it or trying to do without it. So whether you are in the Kansas City area or somewhere further out in Missouri or Kansas, call us today to get your free, no obligation estimate to beautify your home and give you more time to relax by not having to deal with all the maintenance and hassles of painting.

FHA approved and considered a home improvement that will actually increase the value of your home.

  • Energy savings (see what you could save)
  • Over 200 color choices (see some color samples)
  • Made with Rich-Lock Color System™
  • Available in D4.5″ Dutchlap and Straightlap.
  • Absorbs sound for reduced exterior noise infiltration.
  • Comes with a full line of accessories.
  • High-Performance Quad R Insulation – form fitted insulation treated with fire retardant and insect repellent – deters termites and carpenter ants.
  • One piece installation ensures water won’t get behind the siding which causes mold and wood rot.
  • Install with our patented Perma-Strate Wall System® to make any wall straight. Also great for additions to a house that makes it look like it was always a part of your home.
  • Lifetime warranty
    • Seamless polymer siding will not fade over 2% in a ten year period, it also will detain from hardness, brittleness, cracking, peeling, chipping, or chalking.
    • Covers: Hail, Fading, Warping, Cracking, Non-Pro-Rated, No Deductibles, Transferable

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Rock/Stone Siding Log Cabin Siding Shake Siding Shingle Siding Staggered Siding