Why Should I Invest in a Siding Replacement at my Kansas City, MO, Home?

Siding Replacement Kansas City, MO As sun, rain, hail, and wind hit your home, your siding takes the brunt of the force. Because of this, house siding will eventually begin to wear, leaving your home susceptible to a number of issues, including:

Water Damage

As aging siding breaks down, cracks and gaps often appear, giving water the opportunity to seep inside and wreak havoc. Once water is present behind your siding, extensive damage, including mold and mildew growth, can occur. Repairing water damage is likely to be a far more expensive project than a siding replacement would have been.

Heat & Air Transfer

The insulation behind your siding is susceptible to the same age-related deterioration that affects the siding itself. Poor insulation, combined with the cracks that can appear in older siding, leads to an increase in heat and air transfer into and out of your home. Your HVAC unit will jump into overdrive to combat the cold and hot air seeping into and escaping your home, which may cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Decreased Curb Appeal

Old, cracked, and faded siding is just not nice to look at. House siding that isn’t properly maintained and replaced as necessary will become warped and wavy, and the color will start to disappear. This detracts from your home’s curb appeal and will likely affect its resale value.

Continental Siding Supply Can Resolve All These Issues & More

You can avoid all of these problems and more by investing in a siding replacement at the first sign of damage. If you live in the Kansas City, Missouri, area, Continental Siding Supply is the company best fit to replace your siding. We manufacture our very own polymer siding, and install it using our patented Perma-Strate Wall System. Our siding is not susceptible to the same kind of damage most other types of siding are, because it is completely seamless, eliminating the risk of water intrusion. It is also resistant to impact damage, and specially formulated to prevent color fading.

New siding is a strong investment in your home, and Continental Siding Supply is the company to turn to when it’s time for a siding replacement. To schedule a free consultation, CALL NOW.