Traditional, Modern & Custom Vinyl Siding Colors Available for Your Columbia, MO, Home at Continental Siding Supply

Vinyl Siding Colors, Columbia MO While performance is a crucial element to consider when choosing new siding for your home, it’s also important to think about appearance. If you’re looking for siding that is both functional and beautiful, turn to Continental Siding Supply. Since 1982, we’ve helped more than 50,000 people revitalize their homes’ exteriors with our impressive selection of vinyl siding colors, styles, and accessories.

Whether you want to have vinyl, polymer, or any other type of siding installed on your home, Continental Siding Supply can provide it. What’s more, we can help you customize it. Because we never buy anything off the shelf, the siding we install will be completely unique to your home.

Siding Color Options

One of the major aesthetic components to consider is the color of your new siding. Whether you’re looking for a classic neutral or an eye-catching hue, Continental Siding Supply has it. Some of our most popular colors include:

  • Morning Rose
  • Autumn Sun
  • Linen
  • Canyon Sand
  • Shadow Gray
  • Powder Blue
  • Spring Green
  • Mountain Clay

In addition to our extensive collection of options, we can also provide custom coloring. Just give us a swatch of the color you’d like and we’ll match it.

Styles, Accessories & More

While your siding’s color is important, it’s not the only choice to make when creating a new look for your home’s exterior. You’ll also be able to decide on your siding’s style, from options including shake, staggered, shingle, log cabin, and much more. And, you’ll have the opportunity to add details such as trim, a stone accent wall, or decorative shutters.

Customize Your New Siding Today

To see all of the polymer and vinyl siding colors, styles, and accessories available to you, visit Continental Siding Supply’s showroom. We can complete a full design consultation to help you make decisions about your new siding. If you’d prefer we come to you, we’d be happy to bring a mini showroom right to your home in Columbia, MO. CALL NOW to learn more.