For Vinyl Siding Installation, Homeowners in Wichita, KS, Trust Continental Siding Supply

Vinyl Siding Installation Wichita KSThe installation of vinyl siding on your Wichita, Kansas, home is a complex process that should not be left to amateurs. If not expertly installed, your new siding can actually become a hazard for your home because improper installation can result in the growth of mold and mildew behind your siding. When you turn to Continental Siding Supply, however, this won’t occur because we only employ professional installers.

At Continental Siding Supply, we keep our siding technicians busy with installation work year-round so that they’re always prepared to tackle the next project. In addition to vinyl siding, our professionals can provide installation for these other siding types:

  • Polymer
  • Cedar
  • Metal
  • And more

Even though you may already be set on having vinyl siding installed on your Wichita, KS, residence, you may also want to take a look at our other siding options. When deciding, it’s best to consider the material of each siding type, what goes behind each siding type, and the method of installation for each siding type. Once you do so, we’re confident you’ll choose our polymer siding like 98 percent of our customers do.

While we promise the safe installation for all siding products we offer, our founder Jerry O’Neal created a special installation method – the Perma-Strate Wall System® – for our polymer siding. Not only will this system guarantee safe installation, but it also gives our polymer siding a seamless appearance. Plus, its durable polymer material provides unbeatable protection against hail damage, and it’s backed with thermal-resistant insulation. With a more stable home temperature, less strain is placed on HVAC systems, which may lower energy costs.

If you would like us to complete the installation of vinyl, polymer, or another siding type for your Wichita, KS, home, CALL NOW.