What Is Hardie Board Siding?

Polymer Siding Hardie board siding is arguably the most well-known type of fiber cement board siding, which is made from cement, wood fibers, and sand. It’s manufactured by James Hardie and is revered for its ability to mimic the look of genuine wood without necessitating the excessive upkeep that real wood siding requires. However, while many homeowners are swayed by its brand name, Hardie board siding is not necessarily the best choice for your home. Other options, such as polymer siding from Continental Siding Supply, offer more advantages to Kansas City homeowners, including:


Hardie board siding is heavy, which makes it difficult to transport and install. This drives up costs and results in homeowners paying more for their new siding. Our polymer siding is different because we manufacture it locally and install it ourselves. Because we are our own manufacturer, the product never changes hands the way Hardie board siding does as it moves from manufacturer to distributor to contractor, so there are no markups and our customers are able to enjoy a top-quality product for a fraction of the price.

Fewer Maintenance Requirements

While Hardie board siding will never rot or break down, it will need to be repainted throughout its lifespan. Scraping and repainting a home is tough work and having to tackle this project multiple times will cost money, making Hardie siding even more expensive in the long run. Our polymer siding will save you the hassle of painting as it comes formulated throughout with a vivid color that will never fade, chip, or peel.

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